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  • Hamburg, Germany

New seperate site for my photo portfolio


Happy to share a special website for all my photos. It's running at Adobe Portfolio.


First shot for a website



Here we are. Let's start a new experiment: a website just for our SprinterVAN. Maybe it's worth to give it a try...

I want to give back some insights to the absolute fantastic DIY builder scene. I learned so much from so many people. So maybe somebody learns something from me.

If you like it, drop me comment.

A side note: Yes, I'll try to work with affiliated links and yes, maybe we'll earn a bug or two. But I'll link only stuff I have in the VAN or around and I'm happy with. If you like, you can check every piece at my VAN to confirm it. If I'm unhappy with anything, it will leave the VAN and the webSite too. Promised!